Privacy Policy

For each visitor, our website recognizes their name and email address.

Along with the previous information of our visitors, we store their names, address, phone number, and payment information (for example, credit card number).

The information is used to contact and inform our visitors about updates, and to improve and customize the content and design of our website for marketing purposes.

Regarding cookies, we use them to identify our visitors' preferences, save articles related to the cart, check the most visited pages by our followers, inform ourselves about new pages of interest (according to the site's history); in this way, we can give a better service to our users.

If you do not want to receive information to your email, please send us a message to the address shown on the contact page.

Sometimes the email addresses of those who access our site are given to companies and organizations that offer similar products that may be of interest to you.

Well-renowned companies can also access your mail, if it is in our list.  If you do not want to share your data, please let us know through an email. Make sure to send us your name and address and they will be eliminated from the lists we share with other organizations.

If you do not send us your phone number, you can call us to receive information and follow all the news regarding products, services and events. If you do not want us or our affiliates to contact you for these purposes, let us know via email. We will make sure that your address is deleted from the shared lists.

Regarding advertisements, we are not taking part in any campaign, there is no partnership at all and we have no special relationships either.

Sometimes the information can apply to uses not previously disclosed in the privacy notice. If this happens, the changes will be published on our website in order to make them known, and thus we can offer the possibility to choose from these new uses. For this reason, we inform you about the need to regularly check the updated privacy policy on our website.

The admins of our website who have access to all of the private information will have a unique ID (username and password). The private information includes purchases, amounts, transactions, queries, names, addresses, and phone numbers.

We give to our followers the possibility to correct mistakes found in their contact information and provide access to the corrected information through an email.

Regarding the safety of our facilities, they have the appropriate elements to protect information from inadvertent losses, inappropriate use or modifications, and have been collected on our site.

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